Copalana is a tech-for-good and purpose driven social enterprise who want to help connect employees, corporates and non-profits. We believe that a new generation of employees want to engage and support non-profits with their mission to help make our planet a better place to live.

The Copalana ecosystem makes it easy for individuals to create fundraising campaigns, and also provide pro-bono services to the nonprofits. Corporates can create closed user groups to manage their portfolio of nonprofits they wish to work with.

The ecosystem is also open to the public and engaged individuals can take part of our growing community.

We are committed to providing our services free of charge to the nonprofits working with us on this platform. We rely on our corporate sponsors and foundations to support our team, so that we can focus on developing services that make our ecosystem thrive.

Join us here to start working together to help others. Students and professionals can register to offer their skills / services to nonprofits. Nonprofits can register to post projects and find volunteers who can help support their organization.

Crowdfunding (simply called “Fundraising” on Copalana) is a new way of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the internet.

When financing a fixed project, the money collected will only be transferred to the NPO if the project has reached the defined funding target within the set deadline. Therefore, your credit card will only be charged for financing a fixed project if the project has been successfully funded. Funding an open project allows the NPO to access the collected donation money, regardless of the project's funding target. If an open project is funded, your card will be charged once the funding period has expired.

A project is a clearly defined endeavor of an NPO or a private individual supported by an NPO (only possible with I care for you), which has been approved by one of our partners for crowdfunding. Projects are reviewed to assess their goals, strategy and reliability. With a campaign, individuals or groups can support a project. In doing so, you define your own donation target in order to support the overall project. The message can be ideally disseminated with the launch of a social media campaign.

The volunteering marketplace matches individuals with assignments based on their professional skills and language requirements. Nonprofits can post assignment for skills such as communications, marketing, advertisement, technology, HR, accounting, etc. Volunteers are automatically notified when projects matching their skills become available.

Assignments to the volunteer marketplace can be posted to both closed user groups, and only employees have access to these assignments. Nonprofits can also post assignments to the public marketplace, which is open to everyone.

All nonprofits can apply to the marketplace and we work with them to ensure that they are the organizations really are trying to help drive social change. Once accepted, they can join free of charge and collaborate with corporate partners and employees.

Companies can very easily join the platform. We support you with on-boarding, workshops, and support your CSR programs as you require. Whether you are an SME or a large organization, we can work with you to customize your portfolio according to your company strategy based on SDGs and causes they wish to support