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Donations are the lifeblood of any non-profit organisation. Copalana provides a versatile, easy-to-use crowdfunding platform that helps fund vital non-profit projects and transform the way employees engage with your CSR program.

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GBSS for charity 2023
GBSS as a part of Credit Suisse Poland collects funds that will facilitate the m...
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23 %
Relief to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria
The strongest earthquake in 100 years hit Syria and Turkey. Support the building...
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Run for the Planet
Lasst uns zusammen eine klimafreundliche Zukunft fördern. Run for the Planet!

What's the best way to show someone you care? Copalana's Gift of Giving service is inspiring the next generation of socially-conscious citizens, with personalized gift cards that can be redeemed to support any project they are passionate about.

Who are we? this is our story

Sustainable Developoment Goals
Copalana is a tech-for-good ecosystem designed to revolutionise the way that non-profits, corporates and individuals can connect and give.
Our aim is to form long-lasting and rewarding collaborations between these agents of change. With these connections, we can share the work, pool our strength, and make real progress towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
From our small beginnings in Switzerland, we have now helped corporations and non-profits of all sizes make a bigger and better impact on the world.

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What our Community says. Means a lot

Designed to bring transparency, this platform creates a new way of engaging with social projects and causes

Theo Schilter

Theo Schilter

VP of Product, Nummo

Volunteering connects people powerfully and enhanced learning. This platform makes it very easy. Giving enriches everyone in life. Copalana makes volunteering easy.

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf

Head of HR Migros Bank

Don't wait to change the world.

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