Schweizer Tafel's 15th Annual Soup Day will take place on Thursday, November 22, 2018. Schweizer Tafel uses Soup Day to draw attention to poverty in Switzerland. As part of corporate volunteering, Credit Suisse is supporting this broadly-based solidarity campaign for the 12th time.


Schweizer Tafel's work makes an important contribution toward the alleviation of poverty in Switzerland. Every day, the charity collects around 16 tons of surplus groceries in perfect condition from retailers and distributes the items to around 450 charitable institutions to benefit people in need. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, there are around 650,000 people living at or below subsistence level in Switzerland. That is 7.5 percent, and unfortunately, this figure is trending upwards. One of the aims of the UN 2030 Agenda is to eradicate poverty worldwide. And we here in Switzerland are not exempt from this challenge.

The recipe for Soup Day is simple: There will be lots of cooks wielding their wooden spoons at various venues where you can try their soup and make a donation. Credit Suisse is organizing Soup Day at eight public locations and in seven of the bank's own staff restaurants.

If, on Soup Day, you are not in the office, cannot be at one of the locations or simply don't have time to enjoy a bowl of soup, you can support Schweizer Tafel by making a donation online.

People affected by poverty who can now enjoy a healthy hot meal or receive food at the institutions that Schweizer Tafel supplies.

Your donation is also a token of your solidarity with people affected by poverty in Switzerland.

Enjoy some delicious soup, and make a donation.

You can also easily make a donation here – with only three mouse clicks you can support a good cause.

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