The International Chess Federation has a program which coordinate and implement projects which introduce chess in schools in developing countries.

o   Using chess within the educational framework to improve educational outcomes rather than using the educational environment to produce chess players (although that is an inevitable and very welcome by-product).

o   The main focus of CiS is a social educational programme in primary and secondary schools, with particular emphasis on the ages 7-11.

o   ‘CiS’ now offers a social educational programme (Early Years Skills) for pre-schoolers at home or in kindergarten (Psychomotricity) -

o   ‘CiS’ is also important at third level, in further education, especially aiming to encourage research and to develop the professionalization of chess teaching.



Lack of opportunity and incentives which children miss in developing countries in investing in sports and intelectual activities

Support Chess in Schools

Children (7-11) in developing countries at schools

Ignite a new generation with better mental health

We are a group of 10 people based in Zurich, part of a chess club and we have a team which will compete the first corporate chess championship and we are raising funds for this cause as charity.

UN Sustainability Goals Supported

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Chess in Schools

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