When: 23rd or 26th of February

How long: 60minutes

Cost: 15 PLN


on 23rd- click here http://my.csintra.net/NASApp/MyForm/MyFormServlet?command=form&action=formView&FormId=118845 

or on 26th - click here http://my.csintra.net/NASApp/MyForm/MyFormServlet?command=form&action=formView&FormId=118846

Do you remember when was the last time that you did nothing? It is harder than it seems to be, am I right? We constantly may catch ourselves worrying and stressing too much about the future. We certainly forgot that here we are, in this very exceptional moment.


Let’s take a break and stop for a moment! Join us on our mindfulness meditation week and discover how meditation can benefit and change your life during our 2 independent sessions. With our special guest, we are going to introduce you to the meditation, tell you the meditation techniques and how they can be used in specific situations. So, if you ever thought about trying mindfulness, this will be the perfect introduction!

If you would like to participate and support the SUB Charity, please make 15PLN donation.

10 minutes of mediation can make ALL the differences!


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

SUB Poland is launching funding initiative to support Charity of the Year - St. Christopher's Oncology Hospice Foundation.

How We Are Going To Do It

Donate and join the session 

Who Benefits

St. Christopher's Oncology Hospice Foundation.

Long Term Impact

With support from Credit Suisse, the hospice will be able to secure access of the on premise hospice to:

-good quality food for patients;

-undisturbed service of medical waste utilization;

-undisturbed service of laundry services;

-good quality specialized cleaning services

What We Need To Do

    Donate and join the session 

UN Sustainability Goals Supported

St Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation FHO

Zuzanna Adamczak


Project Goal Open
Target: PLN 100
Raised: PLN 220

Time Remaining : 9 Days
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