There is an urgent need of new games, books, drawing and craft materials for the volunteering assignments of Credit Suisse employees (play evenings).

With your support, you are helping to ensure that the children in the children's clinic will have exciting, varied and enjoyable evening. 



Problem We Are Trying to Solve

All employees of Credit Suisse may undertake charitable work on up to four days per year during normal working hours. Two employees from CS have been visiting children and teenagers at the children's hospital once every two weeks in the early evening for the past two years. They are men and women aged between 16 and 60, who read to the children and play, chat and do handicrafts with them.

These evenings would be even better if the CS employees were able to bring along new games and books or additional drawing and craft materials.

How We Are Going To Do It

Buy the materials, which can then be left at the children's clinics for other children and teenagers to use.

Who Benefits

This volunteering program is a win-win situation for both sides. Employees find these evening visits fulfilling and enjoy the time they spend with the children. For children in hospital, the evenings can often be boring as treatment is over for the day and there are no lessons or handicraft classes. Many parents and visitors have gone home and the children may begin to feel homesick. These enjoyable evenings and all the new personal contacts are therefore very valuable for the young patients.

Long Term Impact

Less stress and more enjoyment while in hospital promotes recovery. CS employees are doing meaningful work for the next generation.

What We Need To Do

    Raise the necessary funds.

UN Sustainability Goals Supported

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Project Goal Fixed
Target: CHF 2'500
Raised: CHF 101

Time Remaining : 79 Days
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