The CompiSternli association was elected as Charity of the Year 2020 by the Swiss employees.

Most of the children click, type and wipe their way through the navigation of the smartphone and tablet with ease. Elderly people, on the other hand, often have less courage to enter the digital world.

The idea: Children help older people to use digital devices. This connects generations and, in the meantime, helps children develop their soft skills.


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

The elderly citizens should participate in life - also digitally.

Education instead of exclusion is the answer. The association CompiSternli provides a unique generation project.

The CompiSternli association offers schoolchildren the opportunity to help the older generation take their first steps in the digital world. In the "iPad project", senior citizens learn from children of junior high school age how to use a tablet in their day-to-day lives. During their training for CompiSternli (literally "computer stars"), the children must think carefully about the needs of older people and practice their interpersonal skills in this way. Through its work, the association wants to close the digital gap between the generations while supporting respectful encounters in which both young people and adults can experience something new.

How We Are Going To Do It

Employees from various business divisions  / departments in Switzerland can support the Charity of the Year 2020. 

There are two possibilities:

1) Quick win: You can donate directly on this project. Click on the amount and then click on fund project now. Donations can be made by using one of the payment types available on Copalana (TWINT, mastercard, American Express and VISA). 

2) Engage yourself and your colleagues: You support this project with your own campaign and engage your colleagues by clicking become a champion on the right.  

Who Benefits

CompiSternli has been around since 2006 - and they have been able to bring a magical smile to the faces of countless elderly people and children. This unique project creates solidarity between the generations. 

However, due to COVID-19 situation the workshops in schools were put on hold. Not knowing how long this extraordinary situation will last, CompiSternli has to evaluate and redesign their workshops. 

These workshops and the generation dialogue will become even more important. Therefore funds are needed for capacity building. 

Long Term Impact

The result is a "win-win-win" situation for all parties involved.

Thanks to financial support, the association CompiSternli will hopefully soon be able to hold its "workshops" again together with children and seniors in Switzerland.

One child will accompany each senior. The children are prepared beforehand by their teacher: They not only get to know the iPad, but also deal with aging, rules of etiquette and they practice small talk, for example. The association CompiSternli provides the entire material: The iPad case is lent to the classes for the entire duration of the project, each child receives a T-shirt. This T-shirt symbolizes the change of role: by putting on the shirt, a school child becomes a responsible young teacher. The children learn to take responsibility. They are only allowed to explain verbally, they are not allowed to show anything with their finger. This is a highly intensive language exercise.

The older people can immerse themselves in the digital world and also have a patient teacher at their side with the child, who can explain a process umpteen times.

What We Need To Do

    The aim is that employees will fundraise at their workplace and/or from home-office.

    With many fundraising activities canceled in 2020, the Credit Suisse charity of the year will need your support more than ever this year.

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