Who are we? This is our Story

It's time to reinvent how you support worthy social causes and projects. Copalana wants to disrupt the status quo by offering an innovative, digital platform for individuals and companies who are committed to doing good and acting responsibly. We aim to engage and empower individuals, build strong communities, and collaborate effectively with non-profit partners.

Many people and companies around the world want to help address the most pressing problems facing us today. They want to make a positive impact, however they are often hesitant to contribute money because they don't know where it goes.

At Copalana, we want to be part of the solution and ensure you can give your financial resources with confidence. That's why providing transparency is at the heart of everything we do.

Who We Are...

We are a global community of passionate social advocates who want to help make a difference.

So many amazing individuals have inspired Copalana and brought forward new ideas and solutions to the platform. We are grateful for their contributions and encourage you to get involved.

That’s the power of community!

We Believe...

We value and always strive for the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, teamwork and transparency.

We believe in supporting those who live and work by these standards. We want to support projects which are transparent regarding how the funds are actually used by providing status updates.

We believe that our platform helps address these goals.

How We Operate...

We are committed to sending 100% of the sponsor’s funding to the NPO for the designated projects.

Copalana wants to maximize your impact and make sure that every cent of your contribution goes to the selected project. And you know exactly how the NPO will use the funds because we give you clear details about the project goals and plans.

Copalana doesn’t take any money from your contributions to support our platform. We rely on our corporate sponsors and foundations to support our team so that we can focus on the developing the platform and the technology.

Copalana provides a unique platform to corporate sponsors. All non-profit partners and their projects are vetted to ensure feasibility, transparency and trust.

Copalana is a registered association in Luzern, Switzerland

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